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Heal people with disabilities.

Your gift helps horses heal people through therapeutic horsemanship.

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$40,000 goal

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The Power of Horses to Heal

Meet 8 year old Ethan.

His parents never expected him to walk. Children with cerebral palsy that don't walk by age 7 are unlikely to walk. Ethan hadn't taken a single step.

Thanks to you, Reining Strength Therapeutic Horsemanship was there to help Ethan and his family!

Ethan is achieving new milestones with the help of his favorite horse Keke and Reining Strength Instructors. Though he can't speak yet, Ethan's already improved his core strength and balance and can follow simple commands – a HUGE achievement for a child that has struggled to follow directions during weekly physical and occupational therapy sessions most of his life.

Yet, the most miraculous milestone of all was seeing him take his very first steps during a physical therapy session just recently!

"I was speechless and overcome with joy.

We had lost hope that this day would come.

Thank you Reining Strength team!"

-Ethan's mom

And how was this all possible?

Because YOU care!

Will you take one small step to help children like Ethan make HUGE strides?

Please, join a very special group of friends, Reining Strength's Winners' Circle, by starting a monthly gift today because children like Ethan need you.

Your gifts, when combined with those of other generous Winners' Circe friends, help horses heal children - Every. Single. Day.